Mr. Fa
Mr. Fa
Good ol' wholesome music






Mr. Fa is a solo singer/songwriter/guitarist from New York, New York, available to hire for private events.  

His original style lies in the intersection between blues, jazz, hip-hop, and pop.

Mr. Fa was the nickname given to me by my parents, singlehandedly the two most creative people in my life.

Maria is the original golden child. A native New Yorker, she moved out of her Filipino household at 18, dropped out of her nursing program, and worked multiple jobs to support her way through fashion school to chase her creative dreams.

Steve is an original musician. His passions consist of playing loud guitar and racing motorcycles. Similar to my mother, he also left the house at 18 with dreams of escaping his rural town in upstate New York to pursue a music career.

Mr. Fa symbolizes the inner creativity I had when I was a child. Fa is also the fourth note in the major scale. 

I'm looking to spread positivity around the world. Please email or call me at 347-525-2028 if you are interested in speaking. I'm looking forward to working with you.


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